Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I love weeks like these...

I am so excited about Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and the weekend. I am doing so many things and I love everything that I am going to do. On Wednesday i get a day full of helping my mom out in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. Then that evening an awesome siblings plus significant others get together. Then On Thursday of course its Thanksgiving so why would I not be exciting, awesome food and good company I could ask for more. And Friday I will be crazy because my boy friend convinced me to, and I will be shopping AHHH. Pray for me. And then the weekend I get to spend with my brother who is home and that is just the more AMAZING thing. I missed him sooooo much and I am just so excited that I get to see him.

As usual:
19.) I am thankful for the fact that my brother is home.
20.)I am thankful for my Italian family coming into town to visit.
21.) I am thankful for my family all being able to get together!
22.) I am thankful for the large amount of food that i will be able to eat on thanksgiving.
23.)I am thankful for good friends and good times.

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