Thursday, November 18, 2010

How lucky I am...

Sooo... I guess I fell off the face of the earth for a little while. Sorry.
So today I was having a really hard time trying to find something to be thankful for because my day was really not going well. I can't stand when people are judgmental. I also can't stand when people are mad at me so i was just very upset today to find that people were mad at me because i can't change me schedule, that just didn't seen fair to me.
However there really are things for me to be thankful for, and I was reminded of this by my sister who sent me an amazing email telling me 10 things that should make me feel happy again. They are as follows:

1) Well, I mean HULLOOOOO I'm your sister, so smile about that
2) We're opening an online shop, all those years of crafting is going to pay off
3) NEXT WEEK IS THANKSGIVING!! which starts the wondrous Christmas seassonnnnn! :)
4) you have a boyfriend who adores you, in every way possible
5) Chris comes home on Saturday! WhooHoooooo
6) Mom and Dad love you. Nuff Said
7) Just knowing that I bought you amazing Christmas presents you're going to love should be enough
8) having an awesome sister
9) umm, getting to talk to me i mean helloooo I'm like yeah okay
annnd 10) I LOVE YOU! :) <3>

This just had me smiling ever since.
So thanks Jen!!!

I have make thanks to catch up with so here they are:
10.) I am thankful for my sister because..."HULLLLOOOO" shes awesome!
11.) I am thankful for my boss at job number 2, especially when we play sporcle!
12.) I am thankful for my girls at dance and how every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are just some of the best times of my week.
13.) I am thankful for boy friends who are coming to visit me tonight!!!
14.) I am thankful for the fact the my brother is coming home in TWO DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15.) I am thankful for my Italian cousins coming into town.
16.) I am thankful for how much my mom and dad truly love me!
17.) I am thankful for my Nonno and how we are making some yummy gnocchi tomorrow because he is feeling up to it!!!
18.) I am thankful for how my Nonno smiles again when i come in the house!!!

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