Cupcake Concoctions

Ok I know this isn't a cupcake concoction but it sure was fun to make!!!!!!! This is what I like to call fruit pizza!!!!!!! I made it for the club I am a part of at school, well specifically for one of the people in the club.
There is a funny story behind it all, she came up to me and asked me if I remembered making fruit pizza for a friend of mine that lived on her flour freshman year. I said yes and she continued on until she found the words.....
Can you make me one....?
How could I say no to that lol so there it is!!!!!!!
This is what my friend and I did for her one year anniversary for her boyfriend.  He is a fire fighter so we chose to do a badge.  Then the things along the outside are memories between the two of them.  The Sabres symbol where they had their first date on the top,  the cowboy hat on the bottom which is their first concert they went to, their song is written on the left, and where it all started on the right.

There is nothing better than a wonderful American flag on Memorial day to help us remember the reason we have the freedoms we have. I did this cupcake concoction for when my family went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Memorial Day! We celebrate with them every year and they definitely loved the addition of the cupcake dessert! 
The second picture is what the first picture was made of.  All the cupcakes were in the shape of a star. However since the stars were so big they didn't fit on the page so I made little mini flags with the extras!

So my sister graduated from college and I thought what would be better than a BEAUtiful cupcake creation from her very best sister!!! I am sure you have heard of the poem that was written call "Foot prints in the Sand".  but if you haven't here is a quick summary.  This poem is a story about how a person went through their life and when looking back on it they see that there are times where there are two sets of footprints (them and God) and other times when there was only a single set of footprints.  The person noticed that it was at these times in their life that they were having the toughest time.  So the person asks God, "why were you not with me during these times? you were with me through everything else..." God replied by saying "It was at these times that i carried you." So....overall this is one of my sisters favorite poems so I made her life just like the footprints in the sand.  It all starts when she is a child and goes all the up until the day she graduates.  It was so wonderful to see the look on her face when she saw what I did.  It is these moments that show me that my dream of being a baker just might come true.

So fathers day came around and I thought a cupcake concoction was a MUST! So this is what I did.  All my life my dad has told my sister, my brother and I that we should always stick together.  He always would say that he would rather have us mad at him than each other.  So we lived our lives that way and it has made all the difference.  My mom found a verse in the bible that really represents this and it is Ecclesiastes 4:12 Which is....
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, but a cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Once my dad saw this verse instead of always saying his speech about us sticking together he would just say that verses name.  So I decided to put that verse onto some cupcakes which I made with lemon cake and lemon frosting because lemon is his favorite.  So there it is!

On to the Fourth of July, or as the family we spend it with says it "Fourth of Juky!!!" Anyways, I made this to bring over for the large celebration that my family has with really good friends of the family! They all loved it!
And now my sisters gift.  One of sisters favorite artistic pieces is Van Gohg's Stary Night.  So I thought heck why not put it on some cupcakes.  So I went for it with no previous experience.  This was my very first cupcake concoction.  When I was finally done with all the frosting I took a step back and looked at it and I couldn't believe that I actually was able to do it.  I was so excited and when I brought it over to my sisters house she flipped out and said that it was phenomenal!  That was a good birthday!